If you wish to turn your space into a home, welcoming an active life with your personality throughout, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer more than just flooring renovation: let us help you recreate spaces from floor to ceiling, finding common ground between innovation and market trends and your personal taste.

Our process

step by step

STEP 01: let’s talk!

First of all, it is essential for us to familiarize ourselves with your space and, of course, with you. This allows us to discover the perfect harmony between innovation and market trends and your personal taste.

STEP 02: the dream team

After understanding your expectations and personality, it is time to find the right materials and establish the best partnerships to start the renovation process.

STEP 03: from floor to walls

Now comes the phase where we recreate your entire space! With a policy of reduced waste – of money, time and resources – we promote peace during the renovation.

STEP 04: houses into homes

We provide personalized service and monitor every detail of the project, from the beginning to the end of the journey, combining integrated vision with strategic partnerships.

Let's get in touch​

Flooring Trends looks forward to being your caring ally for creating exquisite spaces!