How to keep your floor cleaned and maintained to always look brand new?

Are you looking to maintain the timeless elegance of your hardwood floor, the resilience of the tiles, or the budget-friendly beauty of laminate and LVP flooring? Whether you’ve installed these exquisite flooring options now or a while ago, keeping them looking brand new is a priority. We’ve got the answers to help you protect and preserve your investment.

  • Hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring stands as an exceptional choice for both residential and commercial renovations. It is famous for its longevity, elegance, and durability while being environmentally friendly.

You can easily care following these tips:

  • Clean spills promptly, avoiding wet or steam mops.
  • Prevent scratches with furniture pads.
  • Regularly sweep and vacuum.
  • Refinish it every three years to ensure it looks brand new.

  • Tiles

Tiles are the top choice for both flooring and walling, renowned for their durability and versatility. Among the varied types are ceramic, porcelain, marble, and glass. You’ll find tiles in different forms, sizes, and colors.

For maintaining it, here are some tips:

  • Regularly sweep and mop it to avoid dirt from accumulating.
  • Use minimal chemicals when mixing a cleaning solution.
  • Let it always dry to avoid spots.

  • Laminate floor and LVP

Laminate floor and Luxury Vinyl Plank are the perfect choices for those seeking low-maintenance flooring that maximizes their home decor budget. With a diverse range of styles and colors available, they offer both versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Simple maintenance is all it takes:

  • A weekly cleaning routine, including sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Avoid sliding furniture across the floor.
  • Use a doormat to keep dirt outside.
  • Trim your pet’s nails to prevent scratches.

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