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Samuel learns how to work with different types of flooring: starting with ceramic floors and advancing to hardwood floors.


After mastering the trade, Samuel relocated to Colorado where he co-founded the company “Future Flooring” alongside a partner. Their venture focused on working with a diverse range of flooring materials.

2017 - 2020

With Future Flooring, Samuel leads a number of outsourced jobs for stores and subcontractors.


After all his experience at the previous company, Samuel starts Flooring Trends and manages his own clients, whether for residential or commercial projects.

2020 - 2023

Offering personalized service, Flooring Trends experiences substantial growth. Today, the company boasts a dedicated customer service team, efficient project managers, and up to four expert flooring installation crews, monitoring every detail of the projects, from the beginning to beyond completion.

The future: We aim to keep on expanding both our team and the scope of strategic partnerships, enhancing client satisfaction with even more fulfilling services, while also caring for our bigger home – the planet – with increasingly sustainable practices and material.

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Samuel Oliveira

Samuel Oliveira has specialized in flooring installation and renovation since 2016. From that moment on, he has cultivated expertise and a discerning eye, ensuring each project receives the meticulous attention it deserves. By always blending the latest market trends with his clients’ personal tastes, Samuel and his team consistently create exquisite and functional spaces, breaking ground in renovations.


Flooring Trends provides an experienced, friendly and reliable crew that extends from our dedicated customer service team to our expert flooring installation personnel, always paying attention to every detail and providing peace during the renovation.



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