The project: Our team successfully completed a bathroom renovation project, which involved tiling the walls and floor. We went above and beyond the client’s expectations by paying meticulous attention to detail and ensuring that we met all deadlines. Our goal was to create a luxurious and functional space that our client would love. Throughout the project, we maintained excellent communication with the client and provided valuable guidance on design choices. We made sure that every aspect of the project aligned with the client’s vision and delivered a final installation that was of exceptional quality.

The material: Tiles were chosen as the best material for the bathroom renovation due to their durability and resilience. The team incorporated them perfectly into both the walls and the floor, ensuring long-lasting elegance that will stand the test of time. Our expertise and dedication helped us create a bathroom that meets practical needs and reflects the client’s personal style preferences.

“If I could choose all 5 qualities on the review, I would. Samuel and his team came in and knocked it out of the park with the tile.

Before install, the team was very responsive on communication to help guide on best design for the final layout. In the end, we changed two different tiles based on a recommendation from Floor and Decor, and came out beautiful.

Flooring Trends are clean, tactical, punctual, advisory, detailed, and overall awesome!

Thank you again!! LOVE IT! Now onto installing the tub, vanity,”


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