The project: Flooring Trends LLC recently completed an exceptional bathroom renovation project, receiving high praise from a satisfied client. Tasked with removing old tiles and installing new ones along with a niche, our team demonstrated unmatched expertise and dedication throughout the process.

The technique: With precision and care, our skilled team efficiently removed the outdated tiles and seamlessly installed the client’s chosen white subway tiles. Additionally, we crafted a spacious 3-foot wide niche, adding both functionality and style to the bathroom. The transformation was remarkable, breathing new life into the space.

The material: White subway tiles were carefully selected for their timeless appeal and ability to create a clean and inviting atmosphere in the bathroom. By replacing the old yellow tiles with fresh white ones, we achieved a stunning contrast that revitalized the bathtub area.

Team’s responsiveness and trustworthiness were key factors in the client’s decision to choose us for their project. Despite considering quotes from various companies, the client chose to invest in our services due to our excellent communication and professionalism. Their decision proved wise as we delivered a flawless bathroom renovation that surpassed their expectations.

The outcome: Completed in just two days, the project was executed with precision and attention to detail. The end result was a breathtaking bathroom that perfectly aligned with the client’s vision. We are honored to have earned their trust and look forward to being their preferred choice for future renovation projects.

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“A+++++ for Flooring Trends LLC!

I had a bathroom tile project where I wanted old tile removed and new tiles and a niche installed. I bought pretty white subway tiles and asked for about a 3 foot wide niche. They were able to accommodate and it turned out so beautiful!

Sam was very responsive the whole entire way. I ended up getting quotes from a few companies but Sam was so responsive and trust worthy, I ended up paying a bit more to work with him and his team and I’m so glad I did!!

I really think you get what you pay for these days, so if you want things done right, go with the best.

Flooring Trends did a beautiful job and communicated with me throughout the whole process. They did the whole project in about 2 days, it looks gorgeous and just what I wanted.

I’ll definitely be using this company for future projects!

I’ve included before and after, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell which is which but if you can’t the old yellow tile was what was removed and the new white long subway tiles are the new bathtub”


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